Eight Great Experiences You Can Have This Winter in Bayfield, Wisconsin


Winter turns Bayfield, Wisconsin into a gorgeous, white land on the edge of Lake Superior. The Winfield Inn is ideally located to give guests good access to all the wonders that a winter Bayfield has to offer. There is so much to do for visitors to Bayfield, whether it is enjoying nature or something more manmade. Some of the most popular activities include:


  • Snowshoeing. Bayfield has several trails for people who want to snowshoe. If you don’t have your own shoes, you can rent them at Sweet Sailing. It’s a great way to take in the amazing sights of Bayfield during the winter.


  • Downhill skiing. Nearby Mt. Ashwabay has a variety of slopes for beginners and for those looking for something more advanced. It has a chairlift and a rope taking guests to the top of 11 different slopes.


  • Hiking. Hiking is always a favorite activity of visitors to Bayfield. There is so much natural splendor to enjoy. The Brownstone Trail and the Nature Trail are two of the most popular.


  • Snowmobiling. Many people come to Bayfield to snowmobile. There are many miles of snowmobile trails in the area around Bayfield, and the Winfield Inn has convenient access to all of them.


  • Dog Sledding. If you have ever wanted to try dog sledding, Wolfsong Adventures in Mushing can give you the authentic experience. The dogs will not only fly you through the forest, but you’ll also get to feed and harness the dogs yourself.


  • Ice Fishing. Lake Superior has many kinds of fish, from trout to pike and perch to walleye. Many people enjoy going out on a frozen lake and relaxing and maybe catching a little dinner in the process. The Winfield Inn gives you that opportunity with its proximity to the largest of the Great Lakes.


  • Gambling. The Winfield Inn is not far from the Legendary Waters Casino. If you’re feeling lucky, you can try the slots and table games. They also have plenty of entertainment for those who aren’t keen on risking money.


  • Stagenorth. Stagenorth is a theatre in Washburn. It has a full bar and there are always plays, bands, lectures, open mics, and a variety of other activities going on inside.


  • Sledding. Valhalla is a local hill with some intense sledding action. Located between Washburn and Cornucopia, it actually consists of two hills. The first one is milder and has a little jump at the bottom. The second is a former ski jump and it’s straight downhill. The second hill is only for the brave!


Your time in Bayfield will be as full of adventure as you need it to be. From the start of the day until nightfall and beyond, there is always something to see and do. Something is always going on, and the Winfield Inn is right in the middle of the action.





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